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Acting Performance Studio regularly holds workshops with Australia's leading casting directors. Participants will gain the experience of what it's like to audition with a casting director, get feedback on their work, and be seen by experts in the field. Actors will be working on scripts supplied by the casting director and learn tips on how to approach the casting process.


Past workshop directors include:


Thea McLeod: Neighbours, Schappelle, Pawno ,Spin Out, Blinder


Alison Telford: Please Like Me, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Glitch


Rosie Traynor: How to Talk Australians, Wilfred, Grave Diggers


Jane Norris: Paper Planes, Nowhere Boys, The Slap,The Bank


Cinzia Coassin, Game of Thrones, Kill Me Three Times, The Code


Sarah Alekna: Twenty Something (Season 2), Fosters, Crown Casino


Megan D’Arcy: It’s a Date, Foxtel, Jeep, Red, Razzle Dazzle ass


Sue Maslin: The Dressmaker , Irresistible, Japanese Story

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